B/S/T Rules revised

Biggest change:
NOTE: As of 7/12/2015 Pics are no longer required. Pics are strongly encouraged when both trading and selling. Responsibility for providing and requesting pics belongs to those involved in the transaction.

Also people should be able to move their old topics to the archived section. Remember to UNCHECK the box that says “Post a redirection topic.” Please use it.

There are other changes. Please review them: Buy / Sell / Trade RULES - MANDATORY

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How to Archive your topic:

At the bottom, left hand side of a topic there is a tab that says “Move Topic”.

  • Click that tab and a popup opens.
  • At the top of the popup there is a dropdown menu, select ARCHIVED TRADES.
  • There is a check box in the popup that says “Post a redirection topic.”
  • Uncheck the box.
  • Click the “Move Topic” button in the popup.
  • You’re done.

Pics went from number one rule to no longer a rule in a day.

Not really, but probably from your perspective. We’ve (André and the mods) have been discussing this change for a while.

I can see this taking a load of the admins… no longer do they have to remove as many B/S/T threads.

Though i can also see this going another way since pics are no longer required people may try to sneak more and more non mints as mint…
I for one will now request multiple pictures when dealing with anyone on the B/S/T now. and leave harsh feedback when i get a yoyo that is not as advertised. I have a feeling im not the only one who thinks this way.

Yep. You should request pics and personally, I’d still prefer to trade with someone that posts pics even when it isn’t required.

I figured that, but from a non-modders view, it’s kinda funny.

Yes, good advice to everyone trading or buying.

Unfortunately, not many people leave harsh feedback because they think it not nice or something. All they do is make a post in Trader’s feedback about their situation.

Uh, I think most people don’t leave harsh feedback because a vast majority of deals end up being smooth, with everything meeting expectations of both parties. That’s not unfortunate at all.

In response to the picture requirement, I think it’s a good thing. It will force people into requesting more pictures, which will end up with an even higher percentage of happy customers. Even before this change, it was a good idea to ask for more pictures, as most people only posted a zoomed out photo of everything they’re offering up. If I ever questioned a yoyo, I’d always ask for better pictures. Now this behavior will just be business as usual.

Friendly reminder bump… :wink:

Pics no longer required
But ask for them anyway.

Where are the actual rules?

In the BST section itself oddly enough. Pinned near the top…