FT: I got 4 yoyos that i need to get rid of


i got a Aoda Follow Wind, Aoda Sunshine (satined edges, wobbles a little bit, one silicone response), Auldey Luminous (satined completely, smoother than when you buy it), YYF Velocity (blue with yellow). Pm me


It should be mandatory for people to have a well-organized BST with pics and prices…






i dont have a way of taking pics of my yoyos at the moment and i need to get rid of them. yes i agree with you, but at the moment my resources are limited.


You can still organize it. Don’t have them all in one paragraph…

Read this thread for ideas: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,15246.0.html



“1. MANDATORY! - Please provide clear original pictures in For Sale or Wanted to Trade listing”

Not only is it a rule that you have to have pictures available, but also I can almost guarantee no one is going to be trading for a yoyo they’ve never seen. Pics are also proof that you have the yoyo.


sorry, no pix. bye bye…

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