Okay, I feel you guys don't read the rules.

Okay, so for those of you who REFUSE to read the rules or obey them, this is what a B/S/T thread should have.

{Yoyo 1} - {Price or Trade / Both}
{Description of Yoyo 1}
{Pictures of Yoyo 1}


  1. Yoyo 2
  2. Yoyo 3
  3. Yoyo 4

And so on.

If you didn’t already know, PICS ARE REQUIRED. You are not supposed to say “Pm for pics” or “Pics for serious offers”. That’s not how it works. You post the pictures. And not blurry ones. Clear, crisp pictures clearly showing the yoyo and any blemishes that might exist.

Yoyo Descriptions should state EVERYTHING about the yoyo that you can provide as far as damage/vibe. If it has any surface damage, you list the damages. Vibes? Describe the vibe. Ano flaw? State it. Don’t mislead.

Offers. Okay, you know what a yoyo is worth to you. SET A PRICE. I can understand on things like Peaks, but I see it on DV888’S! If you really want to sell, set a price.

Call it a rant, but I feel these are what a B/S/T should look like. I feel strict enforcement is needed, as these problems, ESPECIALLY pictures, are present in almost every thread.


Well said! I agree 100%.

I feel that if you are serious about a trade, you will request pictures. Also, if a yoyo is MINT, are pictures really required? What I don’t like is people treating the forum like an auction house, post your prices on items you want to sell. Many people do not know how to post pictures, and it’s much easier to email pictures.

People also post links to pics (such as myself)

a bump i have no idea what that means!

It’s plainly stated in the rules that pics must be posted. Helps show ownership. If the pic is generic then makes it look like that person doesn’t really have that particular yoyo. Also posting pics in a link is fine. If anyone can’t post pics all they have to do is ask. It’s that simple.

I’m locking this because we already have the rules and people should follow them.