Does anyone agree with me when I say that the Mods overuse their powers


I know there are greats moderators such as apetrunk and samad. I have been having a lot of posts locked up that still needed to be discussed(JM). Who knows it will prove my point if this post gets locked up or removed


He moves your threads because they are posted in the wrong section. Try clicking the link he gives after locking a thread.

(Shisaki) #3
  1. Apetrunk and Samad aren’t mods…

  2. He locked them up because you just need to PM Andre but of course you’re too busy getting mad at him and being ignorant to read his post.


Apetrunk and I are not moderators, and JM is a great moderator. I do not agree with you.

(Jesse) #5

I don’t agree with this even a little bit. First of all, Samad and Brian (Apetrunk) aren’t moderators. They are eXperts. They can’t control your posts. They are only recognized as being helpful to the forums. And second, non of the mods overuse their powers. They won’t lock a thread without giving or having a good reason. If you feel that something has been locked or moved unfairly, why don’t you try contacting them before flaming them and putting them down to the whole community? Ándre will only appoint a moderator if he feels that they will do a good job, and he can revoke their moderating priveleges if he feels they are misusing them.


no, not at all. i dont think anyone will agree with you. I havnt been on this site very long but i think the mods (especially JM) do a great job in keeping the forms clean of trash and clutter and moving post to the right boards.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Maybe you should put things in the right place the first time around.

(JM) #8

Alright, I think I smell a fire starting.

I am locking this thread because things are only going to get worse.

OP, if you have an issue with any moderating decision I make, you’re gonna have to PM Chris, Andre, or myself, or send Andre an e-mail. Making threads like this will only lead to dark places. Don’t take any of what we do as a personal attack, because that could not be further from the truth.


Moderators are here for a reason and they do an excellent job.

It is important to make this a clean and professional forum and posts like this do not help.

If you have a problem PM me personally and we can discuss it. It doesn’t need to be an open discussion. This is a forum to discuss yo-yos so have fun, relax, and respect the moderators judgment whether you agree with it or not. :wink: