Being able to lock/Move your own thread?

we should be able to lock or move your own thread, you used to be able to do this, but the option got taken away.


yes please!

I also agree with this.

I put a post in BST because I’m looking for a white Unleashed with a paper cap, and I have no issue locking it. I haven’t tried to move anything.

I don’t see me being anything special.

That’s the only board you’re able to do that in though. You couldn’t do that in on the General YoYo Board now, for example.

It would really help there be less clutter.

there a few people in the not so long ago past that took advantage of these rules. they would post something in the wrong section and we would move it to the correct location. then they would move it back. You can thank them for you not having these amenities.

Wow. People are idiots.

That would be a real nice feature to have again, if it weren’t for stupid people breaking the rules. I mean come on. If a mod moves a thread it stays there.

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I think the reason it got taken away is because of abusing the privilege. Some would make make a bashing thread in the report scammers and then lock it so they didn’t have a chance to defend themselves. And if a mod moved a thread then they would move it back. Mods just got.tired of it all. Created more problems then it solved.

Considering I am a mod/admin, i told you why we did it.

I remember this lol.

Sorry. Blonde moment. Didn’t even occur yo me. Lol. Duh. I should pay more attention to the post. Just read first post and responded.

Happens to me all of the time.


is there a way to make sure that those certain people are the only one’s who get this privilege taken away? and anyone else who abuses this get’s it taken away to? or is it an, “All or nothing” situation?

No, it’s not an individual privilege setting.

Oh well, thanks anyway guys!

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