How to correct your threads/topics!

It seems a lot of people expect the moderators to lock threads or move them; but guess what guys (and gals)? You can do it yourself! :slight_smile:
Alright we’ve all seen the “Plz delete” on the b/s/t forums or the “do not post, contact PM” in the same category. If you look at the bottom of the screen you’ll see you can move your own thread to the proper category; i.e. “looking for new yoyo, help” -posted in general. I’m sure it would be a lot easier for the mods if you could move it yourself.
Another topic I’d like to bring up is locking your own thread, which saves the hassle of, but not limited to:
-stopping a fight
-someone offering his protostar and $ for your chief
-avoiding necros
I’m not saying I never made a mistake here or there with the above but I’ve seen too much of it with no sign of stopping. Before you ask a mod for something about your thread check the bottom-left of your screen :slight_smile: