Just a little idea, that i think would help out a TON


Maybe we should implement a button that would alert a moderator that you want your topic moved/locked/deleted. It would function like the report button, but only the OP could choose to press it or not, and could then specify to the Mod/Admin that they wish their topic to be moved/locked/deleted.



That would be amazing but would be sooo hard to code and get implimented.


Use the report button and specify what needs to be done to the thread. “Report” is not just for instances where someone is breaking the rules. It is there for anyone needing a moderator to perform an action on a post.


you cannot report your own post though. should i just report someone else’s post, and then specify that this person had nothing to do with any problem, i just needed to alert you that my post needed moving?


You’re right. You can’t report your own post.
Then send a PM to a moderator (or 2).


And if doing that, please copy the URL of the thread/post to help them move it around.

The admins work hard to keep stuff in their proper place. Any bit you can do to help them out is a big help!