AYYA BvM, Shadow 888, CSF 4xl Taking offers


I have a played, but absolutely no marks, AYYA Bear Vs Man. It is the Purple/Silver edition which was quite limited and was the first of the now current weight Bear Vs Man yoyos. Offer $$

Large pictures in Reply 5 of this thread


Like new condition Shadow 888. This is an 07 edition small bearing 888 in Black Hard Coat Anodize. Great player, beautiful looking. offer $$

CSF finish Werrd 4xl, will include 3-4 sets of JHs. This is a VERY rare finish that the Werrd guys made, and only released on a few yoyos, all but 2 (to my knowledge) were for team members. This is one of those. It is HIGHLY played, no knicks or dents, but with the nature of the CSF the surface is not “clean” looking. By far the best grinding yoyo finish I have EVER touched, regardless of humidity. I bought this for $200, offer $$


Could you please post pictures?


Updated OP with a link to a two picture album of it.


Perhaps pictures in the thread would be more helpful?



Desperation 24 hour sale.

Ended :frowning:

These 3 are still for sale! Don’t be concerned by my low post count or feedback, I just didn’t spend much time here as I am a moderator at another yoyo forum. I have several here that will vouch for me.