Ebay Sale II! CLYW Bear vs Man, Wooly Marmot, Savannah M1, 888, Light Up Case!


Hi everyone,

I’d just like to let you all know I am running another Ebay sale.  All of these yo-yos, except for the 888,  are in mint condition still, no scratches or flaws whatsoever.  The 888 has only some aesthetic flaws in the anodizing.  I’m also selling a modified Hyper Heavy Spinners Case with an updated foam insert to fit your smaller yo-yos, and an awesome light up display feature.

The list is as follows!  Check out these auction links for several pics and info:

Onedrop M1 - Special “Savannah” Edition

Caribou Lodge - Bear vs. Man - Ice Blue/Violet Splash (Konkave Bearing)

Caribou Lodge - Wooly Marmot - Violet/Black Acid Wash (Konkave Bearing)

Yoyofactory 2009 “Classic Edition” 888 - Aqua/Violet Splash

Hyper Heavy Spinners Case - Modified Light up Case with Insert for Smaller Yoyos

That about does it. Sorry, I’m not accepting trades for any of these.  Also, I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay as a seller and buyer, so bid with confidence!

Thanks for checking this out, and happy bidding!


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