Hey guys, I have been out of yoyoing for a few years and I figured it’s time to get rid of my old throws. It’s extremely hard to get fair prices for your yoyos on ebay because not a lot of people bid and no one bids on stuff that starts high.
So, this is what I have:

Gold Gnarwhal (Not fools gold. Only 18 sold.) $100
Sold/ White Glacier Express $70

YoYo factory-
Silver/ Black Splash Equilateral $100
Black Genesis with hubstacks $90
Red Superwide $50
Blue Popstar $10
Blue/ Green/Black Speckles Yuuksta $40
Black/ Red Splatter B-Grade DV888 $20
Shu Takada Special Edition 1080 $40
Pink/ Zebra One Star $10
Orange Protostar $10

Green Inspire $50

Black/ Green Splatter 54 WITHOUT AXLE $65

These are all in good condition. I have a lot more yoyos, but they aren’t in as good condition.
If you have any questions just ask.