Gone for Vacation, high offer gets it when I return!


[URL=http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/reverendyo1/media/IMG_20130725_221021_865_zpsd2c0ccb3.jpg.html]http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b609/reverendyo1/IMG_20130725_221021_865_zpsd2c0ccb3.jpg http://i1294.photobucket.com/albums/b609/reverendyo1/IMG_20130725_220956_797_zps74216142.jpg
'07 Small Bearing 888, Shadow Edition (Used, Plays Like New*)

  • Zero marks on the yoyo (likely because of the type III hard Ano), although it had times of a great deal of use. Plays like a dream. Will come with the black hubstacks it came with (not pictured) This was a 1 of 100 run, and one of only a few '07 SMALL Bearing 888s ever made
  • I’d like to see $100, (add $5 to include size a KK Bearing)

(Pictures incoming)
Werrd QuadXL, CSF Edition (Used, Plays Like New*)

  • The haze finish on this yoyo marks up quite easily and this has been played A LOT. there are no nicks or cuts into the metal or the finish, but it is not “unblemished” either. This will come with a set of WHITE Jimmy Hats, the rarest to find to go along with one of the rarest finishes. I believe there are are only 3 in existence. The CSF is an amazing finish that grinds ALL DAY, and seems to get even better in humid weather. This was a yoyo that renewed my love of yoyoing for a long time, it will be hard to part with it. (minimum set at $50)
  • I’d like to see $200. Offers above $250 will receive several sets of JHs

(Pictures incoming)
YYJ Relics, White (Used, Play Like New*)

  • These are older yoyos, and have marks to show it. They are still amazing loopers and the HG material that edge weights these adds something special. Collectors and new to loopers alike will love them
  • I’d like to see $12.50 per yoyo (sold in pairs only), (add $5 for large packs of white string)

(Pictures incoming)
Sunsets, Blue (used, Play like new*)

  • Still my favorite looping yoyos I have transitioned to all white/orange combo Sunsets when I throw them, so these blues have to find a new home. I don’t believe I have the original paper pogs, but other then that they should be in nearly new condition.
  • I’d like to see $12.50 per yoyo (sold in pairs only), (add $5 for large packs of white string)

(Watch this space…LOTS will be added once pictures can be taken (including but not limited to other edition XXXXL, Raiders, Sunsets, BBYY protos, ILYY protos, etc)

FINE PRINT: I’m listing what I would “Like” to see out of each of the yoyos listed, that being said this will be done in a “silent auction” style. PM me your “best offer” whether it is $5 or my “like” price or higher. High offers as ofAug 6th will be notified (and the post updated with their winning offer. Minimum winning offers for plastics is $5 per yoyo (unless otherwise specified), and for Metals is $35 (unless otherwise specified) This is a GREAT opportunity to get some amazing deals, and/or some now rare throws
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