Selling my entire yoyo collection. I have owned many, many different throws and these are the ones I kept because they are my favorites. Need money, so I am selling! I’m sure I will regret it later. Anyways, not interested in trades and my prices are firm right now. Prices include Priority shipping with confirmation. Many of the bearings are 10-balls or Koncaves. All throws play smooth.


Starting on the top row and moving from left to right:

YYF OG DNA- Orange, super smooth. Koncave bearing. Near mint, light scuffing on rim edge from touching carpet. New clear dice stacks. s[/s]$80
Crucial Heavy Cream- Dexter Edition. Mint, smooth. New non-original bearing. s[/s]$70
CLYW Gnarwhal- Light blue with maroon spackle. Some small marks on the rims. ($70)Sold!
YYF 401K SD- Amazing player! Has ceramic bearing. Mint on blue side, lightly sanded on face of rim on gold side. ($45)
CLYW Peak- Mint condition with new 10-ball bearing. Krisztian Kaluzsa edition, 3rd run. ($110) Sold!

Second row:

YYF 2007 original aqua 888
- Original B-grade, mint condition, super smooth and amazing player. The 2007’s are legendary for a reason! ($60)
Hspin Pyro light- Half purple, half orange. Has flames in the inside. Near mint, maybe slight wear on the laser graphics. Super smooth, awesome player. ($55)
Hspin “The Cut”- Gold, mint condition with box. Great player. ($65)
VNYYC Pre-production Battosai- Extremely smooth! Two small marks on rims. Grey with red splash. ($65)
One Drop Project 2 (P2)- One of my favorites. High polished aluminum, I think it is one of a kind. Mint condition. ($65)

Third Row:

DTI Bassboost- One of my favorites, very unique. Near mint, typical raw aluminum marks. ($45)
YYF Grind Machine 2- Super rare red color, only sold in Japan. Smooth, great player. Has a good amount of marks on the rims. ($60)
[u]KYO Alph- Rare, made from an extremely hard aluminum. Comes with original tin. Mint cond. ($50)
Dif-E-Yo Tank with weight rings- Hard to find, most sought after throw from this company. Great player, very stable. Typical raw aluminum marks, nothing into the metal. ($60)
One Drop M2- Pink, mint. My favorite undersized throw. Really great. ($50)Sold!

The all aluminum case is also for sale. Like new, holds 15. ($50)

If you are serious about purchasing one of these from me and would like additional pics, I will be happy to take closer pics and send them to you. Check my feedback and buy with confidence. Yoyo’s will be sold based on the first person to pay. Thanks!

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