Old Throws for sale. YYN Pyro, Tyler Severance Trainwreck, OD 54, Yuji Super


Hey guys. Let me start off by saying I have been out of the community for over six years so my knowledge on going prices isn’t great. Basically I have a few old throws up for sale that have a bit of sentimental value so I wont let them go for crazy cheap but I know I have to work with you guys. Go ahead and throw me offers in my PM box and I’ll let you know. I’m looking for some money to offset the cost of a new DSLR camera so help me out please! Ps I will post pictures later. I’m at work now…

The first yoyo I will be most willing to let go of. One Drop 54 purple with gold splash. Great throw no dings or scuffs and is very smooth. Ill keep the concave bearing in there as I wont need it anymore! 65 shipped

Second I have a very old SPYY Trainwreck. Now when I got this I was told it was the second run Tyler Severance run. It is orange and blue and doesn’t have any major dings. It does have scuff here and there but its just from normal wear. Nothing breaks the anodized color. I was told this is 1 of 21 but I can’t actually confirm this. gone

Third, I have a yoyonation edition Hspin Pyro (Blue colorway). It is serial #50. I’m going to be honest with you guys this has A LOT of sentimental value. It is in perfect condition as I rarely throw it. I will, however, consider selling it for a good offer. 100 shipped

Lastly, I have a 2009 UK national champion Yuji Shimokawa Kelly edition YYF superstar. It plays really well and is my favorite throw. It is in really good shape as well, but it does have 2 or 3 small dings. Can’t really tell because its metal. This yoyo is in my profile picture but it is metallic not blue and red like the picture. 80 shipped

Just send me offers and I’ll let you know.

Slight hairline scuff scratch that you can just barely see in the picture.http://i568.photobucket.com/albums/ss129/bballglass12/IMG_1469_zpsng7skseq.jpg
Ill throw in the dice stacks for free especially since I don’t know if ill be able to find the originals but ill put those in their too if I find them.


Just for reference: The orange/blue Trainwrecks were from the second run. The first run originals were purple/green 8)


Will get pictures up soon.


Bump with pictures!


updated with prices


offer away i am no in desperate need of money

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