Axle popped out of Trvth, what??

Hey modders and moddettes,

Got an interesting predicament. I got this ILYY Trvth off of a friend not too long ago and as I was playing it, the axle popped out! Obviously making this difficult to play, I contacted ILYY and can’t really do anything about it. (Which is understandable) I’ve considered Gorilla glue or some other seal, but I’m afraid to make it vibe. Anybody else have a suggestion/idea as to how to make this bad boy play again?? (Maybe even mod it?)

I’d contact a modder about it to see what your options are. Sorry to say but I doubt that anyone can restore it to a previous condition. But maybe it’s parts (rim or something) can be used for something…
Glueing isn’t really a long time solution… and yeah it would vibe/wobble probably

Uhh, wow lol A hub mod may be worth considering. It looks like the bearing seat well was cut too deep, leaving the metal too thin, causing that metal to break.

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hub mod definitely looks like your best option. Plenty of good modders on here that could help with that. I’d hit up landon since his services seem to be pretty fair and he’s pretty experienced.

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I don’t understand… from the picture I can infer it’s basically broken… but how can a broken yoyo be difficult to play while it’s not playable at all?

He was being facetious. Humor likely only found in English speaking countries, haha.
Essentially he was making light of the fact his yoyo is totally destroyed.

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Now that explains it… I didn’t know he was half joking lol

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Part of my personality.

But yes essentially. I’m actually pretty sad that i can’t play it.,45898.msg821903.html#msg821903

I saw he posted in here but just to make sure you know yoyospirit has done hub mods as well