My broken Axle


Ok, this is from PGM. not sure if that will work but my axle is stuck in the hubstack. I took apart the hub but is stuck in there and is tilted… I don’t really know why i am posting this… soo yea. I bet the picture wont work… but…


Truelly I would just get a new yoyo. That’s happened to me 2 times and I’ve tried to take it out for months. But I couldn’t. :frowning:


E-mail Ben


You should always be able to fix something like that.
Can you better describe the problem maybe so we can help you figure it out.
What part is tilted? Can you unscrew the yo-yo?


I can take apart the whole yoyo… the metal in the middle of the hustack is connected to the and wont come and the AXLE is at a 75 degree angle if you stand the hustack up. I have email Ben and Yoyoguy (where i bought it from) and they haven’t responded…


Give them time - I am sure they will respond to help you out.
When and how did it happen?