888 Help!

Okay the other day I screwed up.
I had a Yoyo in my hand and a 888 in my hand.
I took apart both of it
put the 888 and the other yoyo into it.
Both axles are on the other yoyo now.
so i reversed it and 1 OF THE axles came b ack to the 888
i dont know if its the axle for 888 but guess what.
So like
The axle is stuck between the bearing seat and outside of the 888
PS : I did not have hubstacks on it so its just stuck on both sides of the 888
I dont want to pay for a new one , or pay to fix it is their a way?
I have tools but I dont know how to fix it
please help :smiley:
Any help is appreciated and will be thanked!

Pics :
Bearing seat axle stuck

Other side

Yoyo that was put with the 888

Unfortunately One side of the axle is really in and the other side has just a bit sticking out…

Did you try using plyers and prying it out?

From the other side?
Do i keep pushing it?
i dont know if its gonna break my 888 though.

Did you try using an allen key?

Whats an Allen Key?
Nevermind Ifound what it is
I dont know if I have it
IS their another option?
I have plyers in my hand atm.

nevermind I Found it
My dad said it wont work though because their is no hole in the axle??

The axle is a setscrew. This means it has a hole on one side for a hex wrench/allen key. The other side is a rounded end. Find the end with the hole and use the hex wrench to unscrew it.

or chuck the axle in a drill and unscrew it out

Both sides dont have a hole.
Someone told me to put it in a baggy and stick it in the freezer?
the cold will make it loosen and shrink???

It has no hole in it…
thats why i cant use the hex screw.

you don need a hex key if you have a drill