Axiom yo-yo Review

This is a all aluminum undersize yo-yo that is very smooth and has a large C size bearing for long sleep times (1-4 minuets)


This is the one of the smoothes yo-yos that I have. It plays very good on the string an is good for grinds (all grinds except for thumb grinds were you put the yo-yo on the side of the yo-yo). It has a good butterfly shape for string tricks and light for fast play.


  • Large bearing ©
    Butterfly shape
    smooth aluminum finnish for grinds
    fits in your hand perfectly
    long sleep times
    you can mod to have hub stacks
    cool design
    comes in different colors


  • Very light
    bad for thumb grinds but can some what

Any other comments on how it plays?

ie. Fast/slow, Heavy/Floaty, etc…

um i have an axiom and i cant say much about the speed. All i know is that it is pretty light.

Saying that undersized, and very light is a con for you, but for some people they might like that in a yoyo, i like undersized and very light.  Also, with your pros saying that it has a C-size bearing, some people may like D-size, or A-sized more.  Also, and string trick yoyo is butterfly shape.

yeah those are just your preferences

I use the AXIOM exclusively for testing the C size bearings.
It’s size and weight allows for very fast free spin, perfect for “reading” the bearing.
Machining is precise for quick and easy bearing changes. With the bronze insert there is little chance of stripping the threads. I have done hundreds of bearings with no sign of ware.
As far as play it seems to be very underrated. It’s very fast on the string, great if you can keep up with it. It is the fastest spinning yoyo I have tested. At the '09 Worlds a thrower hit 11,300 RPMs with one. Sleep time with a good bearing well over 9 min.
At the time I got mine most metals were $100+. As of lately with lower priced quality throws the Axiom is easily passed over… I’ll always keep one.

i use my axion for freehand. It was one of the first metals i got when i started to play again. I thinks it’s a awsome lil yoyo. IT has my vote for being the most under rated. IM always surprised at how long it spins for a lighter yo.