Axiom vs DV888

Hello everybody, is there a difference in the gap width(distance between the 2 halves)between the Axiom and DV888? If so, which yoyo’s gap is wider?

Axiom is way wider than both DV888’s. DV888’s width is 1.6 and Axiom’s width is 1.62. Its bigger by .56 inches. Hope I helped!

You are incorrect sir! He is asking for the gap width, which is expressed in mm’s!

DV888 Gap size: 5.03mm
Axiom Gap Size: 4.94mm

The DV888’s gap size is larger.

Who really cares. I havent thrown a DV888 but i am in love with my axiom i siliconed it and it is super smooth with no vibe

Then, whats the width for?

The width refers to the width of the whole yo-yo, not the gap.

Whether or not it is in millimeters doesn’t really matter. ::slight_smile: