Any small yoyos?

Im looking for a new yoyo. It has to be small and have a large gap.(NOT THE MIGHTY FLEA!!!)

M1 is small and has a 4.3mm gap

MarkMont (Pretty Wide Though)
Bear Vs. Man

Those are the first choices that spring to mind.

I like big yoyo’s usually, but I loved the Axiom. Compact, but feels solid, and it has a pretty big gap almost 5mm.

UPDATE: I also grabbe an X-convict, which is between the axiom and DM in size. I threw in a couple shims to widen the gap, and that is one of my favorite yoyo’s. And you can use flowable silicone (a benefit in my book) then you can keep the price at a minimum. $42 versus 60+, unless you want an all metal.

Any OneDrop now that i think about it…

Yea… :wink:

i would count the velocity as small it seems small compared to my grind machine

888 is the first that comes to my mind

mini mo tu or mini mo trixx

dv888 and m1 :wink:

Hicoo Khan