I’m going to be buying a new yoyo pretty soon and there are just SO!! many new yoyo’s to choose from I have no idea what to choose. As for preferences look below and if I forgot any tell me.

Size;small preferably but will exept medium
Shape;flat rimes or H-shape
response;as long as it’s unresponsive I really don’t care
Weight;as long as it’s not to light or to sluggish
Price $39-$70
Skill level;i’m in master at yye
Hope that helps. :wink:

i would go with a mighty flea you know you have a lot and you like small yoyos. try something new right?

I suggest an M1 or dv888…

i have reviews out for both DV888 and M1




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Well I kinda like yoyo’s with EXTREMLY large gaps but i’ll look into it :stuck_out_tongue: “I do string tricks”

Cool. :slight_smile:

But i’ve heard that the m1 is responsive and has a small gap. I like big gap, undersized, unresponsive yoyo’s.

M1 is responsive stock, because the 10 ball needs to be broken in. When broken it it becomes awesome and unresponsive. Where did you hear it has a small gap? It has one of the biggest gaps.

The DV888 sounds great! Or maybe the BOSS? It sounds amazing.

The Hatrick sounds great for you :wink:

I never heard of it. Link please :).

It’s GeneralYo’s Newest YoYo, it was available at NATS

I know now, that was before when I was nieve and dumb.

Yesterday. Lol