Awwwww Snap.

A collection of odd and probably useless snap starts.  But since I"ve inadvertently put a lot of time into them, here is a trick video full of them.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Any possibilities you can make a few tutorials on them? Because they look awesome!

I could do that. Any one in particular?

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The one starting at 0:15 and the one after that would be amazing! Thanks alot, I greatly appreciate it.

To get you started. It may be a week or two, I’m in the middle of writing report cards.

Learn to snap start with your off hand. Most people use their throwhand, so it’ll take some time. For the trick in question, you put the string on top of your throwhand thumb, and try to land the yoyo in between it and the finger your string is on. Kindof like a chopsticks.