how do you snap start

please… I need help in snap starting. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

LOTS of practice. sit on the couch and watch tv while you do it (hold the string so its short)

the best way to learn is to experiment.
expirement with finger placement. try moving your thumb in or out, using only thumb and middle, etc.
then just make sure you are getting a good strong snap.
with plenty of practice you will eventually get it.

i dont usually snap start i put the yo yo in my palm my throw hand palm and use my non throw hand on it and press down and push forward it gives it a pretty good spin better than a snap start and a better straighter spin

start with an undersized yo-yo, like a squirrel or the business (not TINY, which is actually harder). make sure your thumb and middle fingers are on opposite ends of the yo-yo. hold the string, and practice flicking the yo-yo into motion (not really “snapping”). do that for hours, gradually increasing the force until it starts to feel more like snapping. see how long you can get. see what tricks you can get out of the spin. when you’re decent at it, you should hear a nice loud “snap” as the yo-yo starts moving, and you should get enough spin for a spirit bomb or two… or maybe even rancid milk.
thats the best way to practice. ignore the fact that he doesnt teach you anything. just use what you know and practice that way