Snap start tips?


Hey guys, I just watched the tut for the snap start. He doesn’t go that in depth in explaining how to do it, just talks a lot about how cool it looks.

Does anybody have any good advice or a more thorough tut?



I’m not very good at the snap start so I use the flick/thumb start, but when I do try the snap start, I try to aim my snap towards the left (if right handed) quite a bit to help it go straight. For the spinning part, I kind of snap but I mainly just turn my hand to get it to start spinning.

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Well first, it would help if you know how to snap. :slight_smile: Second, PRACTICE! A lot of these simple (yet hard) tricks (or moves) just require that.

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“If you can’t snap-start a yo-yo, you aint s**t.”
-steve brown

it takes a good while to get good at it (by good at it i mean have enough spin to hit spirit bomb or rancid milk or something from a snap start). it’s important to practice though; it’s a very valuable skill that can influence your learning curve (less time spent winding). use a smaller yo-yo at first (like a squirrel or business or mini-motu). put your thumb on the bottom and middle finger on the top, and just practice rotating the yo-yo faster and faster. when you do it “right” there should be an audible “snap”. the yo-yo should pop up slightly with a wicked, controlled spin. if you’re using a responsive yo-yo, you should have enough juice to get it back into a full wind, or even right into a sidewinder. with a metal yo-yo, you can snap right into a thumb grind. it’s a super fun trick with a lot of applications.

i do a few on no jives at the beginning of (and throughout) this vid:

you’ll get it.


For me, There is a certain depth I have to put my finger in. Other than that, practice.

A lot of people here couldn’t get it the first time but they got it after 10-30 minutes of practicing it.