Awesome intereaction yesterday!

First off, new here…i am one of the few from the early 90’s that were all into throwing and left it and just picked it back up about 2 months ago…

Anyway, I help out with Team River Runner, a program thru the VA hospital to help vets with disabiltys learn to kayak. Since getting back into throwing i have one on me all the time…well i was throwing right before the river trip last night, an old navy vet (74) who was watching me, lit up when he saw what i was doing. apperently he was into yoyos back in the day when the “Duncan Man” would do demos at the corner store every other week. It was awesome to have someone inquire so much about yoyos. Talked to me about how he had made a few wooden ones when he was a kid. I had my CLYW BVM2 on me and he was blown away by the bearings and unresponsive play. I guess the best part is ive just recently felt comfortable about throwin in front of people other than my wife and daughter or a few close friends. It turned into me giving a brief demo to about 25 vets that were absolutly blown away at what you can do with a yoyo. Wont lie it was awesome to get such a positive reaction and compliments on my combos!!! wooo wooo yoyos for the win!

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that’ great - did a demo myself at the local senior center and 1/2 of them went out and bought new yoyo’s to fool around with…

it is something that anyone can do and enjoy.



Team River Runner sounds like a great program. Thanks for the story. I’ll bet you see some
yo-yo on the next meet.

Old vets + kayaks + yoyo’s = awesome interaction. Well yes my friend I’ve imputed all the variables and can with great certainty confirm what you actually had yesterday what was in fact a genuine and authentic awesome interaction.

Where is this program, I would love to teach disabled vets how to kayak. Really cool story my man, I have been finding the older crowd to be the much more interested crowd lately when I’m yoyoing. Your doing a great job, keep helpin with them vets. I hope when I’m an old timer people still wanna hang with me.

Its at Shepard University in WV, but there is chapters all over the US. its definitively a rewarding thing, seeing some of the vets come in really shut in and not to receptive but after a session or two there all in, smiling goofing off and having a blast. Not to mention after each group goes thru its pretty humbling to have these guys give you an extremely heart felt thank you for the time and what you’ve done to help them. Doesn’t even seem fitting seeing as what they had given and gone thru.

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