awesome 888

what edition 888 do you think this is

an o8 purple edition! thats purple.

Erm… dunno what edition, but that’s Tolkien’s Elven written inside. Never heard of an edition like that… possibly been painted? Or maybe it was released in New Zealand only? :stuck_out_tongue: Like the LOTR Currency? No clue.

That is sick.,14877.0.html i want to put something like that one these! but something tells me i wont be able to…

You mean the elven scripting? Hm… probably wouldn’t really be that hard. Could use stencil to do it. No No… not hard at all, I’m sure you can do it.

my art equipmant is rather… primitive

I believe that is an '07 Lord of the Rings version of the 888. There were very few of these made and sold.


lord of the rings edition? sexy :slight_smile:

I dont know if not many were made? I was at Bird in hand in chico last Wednesday and they had maybe 3, 2 after i left! i love it, except mine came with clear hubs

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Yep, that’s it. Probably one of the rarest of the '07 888’s, next to the Mud edition.

Any pics. of the Augielicious edition 888?

it is pretty cool. ;D


There prob the best looking 888
in my opinion 8)

I thought so…