jensen superstar lord of the rings 888. Project 2,Skyline

  1. Skyline-purple with yellow splash. Mint condition. Super smooth,great throw $100

  2. P2 is all blue with several large scratches. It still plays very well with some vibe. $65

  3. Jensen kimmitt superstar- purple. Several marks along the rims. The lightning bolts somehow turned gray. Bearing is a little loud.may need a new one. no silicone but it will bind. Tiny rubbed off remains of jensen kimmitts autograph from cal states contest in case that means anything to anybody :wink: $65

  4. 888- about three tiny tiny marks on the rims, but it’s still super smooth and quiet. It is painted purple.

This yoyo is pretty rare and I don’t think it was released. $100

I will email you if you want pictures. I couldn’t get them to show up here


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Your still kind of a Freshy (No offense). How bout a photo of the Throw G money.

i have a plastic black/lime green yyf grind machine. It is in great condition and ive been wanting a good metal for a while but could never afford one. thanks

I suggest you put pictures up. Chances are better, and everyone wants to see it.

can you put up some pictures and a suggested price?

Forum rules you need pictures or at the least a link to a photo album with pictures.
also what is a Lord of the Rings 888?? Got me interested and I hate th 888

Dude PICTURES!!! I want to see the LOTR 888.