All currently sold

I currently do not have anything for sale.


--------------------------EVERYTHING BELOW HERE IS SOLD-----------------------------

First run Superstar
YYJ Fiesta
John Higby FHZ Caps
Higby x Yoyo G-string stickers
Team Edition Superstar
Random string/CWs/bearings/stacks etc
Plastic Grind Machine
BAC 888
Two Clear Duncan Dice
Kentaro Superstar
Two bgrade Superstars
General-yo Hatrick
YYF Catch 22
YYF '09 44 Clash Severe
YYF Plastic Grind Machine
General-yo B+ Ministar
OD Markmont Next
YYF Protostar
YYJ Legacy
CLYW Fools Gold Peak
Chaos 422 string
YYF Protostar
YYF '09 Severe
Spyy Gold Pure
BBYY Bully
YYF Grind Machine 2
Oxy + Hspin H2O
YYF 08/08/08 888
YYR DreadnoughtG
YYR Messiah
YYR Sleipnir
General Yo 5star V2

Whats the Lowest you’ll take for the B-Grade 888?

$95 for the mint 09 888.

I need a few 3a Pairs:
I need one more Superstar
A pair of Spyy Pros, so one or two Pros
A pair of YYF MVPs, so one or two MVPs

One Protostar and the Legacy is gone!

Added Package deals!
Markmont Next and Protostar for $80 Shipped
Severe and Protostar for $65 Shipped
Markmont Next, Severe, and Protostar for $120 Shipped

what awesome deals. i am tempted to just buy ur case and/or ur catch 22

Thank you! And if you are interested just send me PM whenever you feel like it my friend!

aaaaannnndddd… bump!

I’m sorry, no trades. Thanks though!

i will give you 70 for the blue and black 888

PM sent my friend!

Final clear die and DV888 are gone!

will you send me some better pic’s of the black and blue 888

popstar or 44 clash… how much?

I’m sorry, I don’t have either of those yoyos…

but, Bump!

Do you still have the case for sale and if so how much?

New yoyos for sale

Is that a real Sleipnir? I’ve never seen a hole exposing the axle before.

Did I win???

Since when did the Sleipnir have a through-axle???

Yeah that’s why it has no engravings. It was retapped which made it a bgrade or refurb or which ever term YYR uses.