888s and Skylines! From the vault!

So I just took my car into the shop. Looks like it’s gonna be pricey. :frowning:

I’d like to sell some of these to offset the costs.

If you’d like a few we can work out a better price. :slight_smile:

888’s all SOLD!
SOLD Jason Lee 888.11 - mint $160.00
SOLD Spingear Dragon 888 - mint $225.00
SOLD Higby YoyoPeople 888 - mint $225.00
SOLD Yoyo nation Hardcoat 888 - mint $160.00
SOLD AllYoyo 888 “highwall version” a couple blemishes in the ano, not mint $150.00

Eyes of the Tiger - mint $175.00
Green Monster - mint $175.00
Blue small bearing - mint $135.00
Red large bearing - mint $125.00


I have a higby like that! Such an awesome throw. Dont sleep on these 07 888s guys! They dont make yoyos like those anymore


Oh my god…

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That higby 888…so awesome.


Just when you think he has no more awesome stuff, he goes and posts this. I said I wouldn’t spend more on yo-yos, but I’ll take that Spingear 888.


888 is very good

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Oh my :drooling_face: If I had the cash I’d have a couple Skylines and a couple 888’s coming my way.

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