Buy some CHEAP yoyoz! (YYF, CLYW, HSPIN, AnY,)

Row 1: MER 07 FHZ($10), YYF Frantic($40)sold, YYF DNA (NFS), Gray H-Spin Envy($60), Raw 401k ($30), Loop 720 (NFS), Aussie Gold 07 888 (pending), 07 Higby 888 (NFS).
Row 2: brown Skyline ($40)sold, Higby’d Flying Squirrel ($15), Gold YYF VK ($40)sold, Hardcoat DV888(NFS), DBYY Gung Fu ($70)sold, H-Spin Pyro Light(NFS), AnY Air Rider ($40) YYF 08 Higby 888.
Row 3: Multicolored dipped VK ($40)sold, First run blue Skyline ($40)sold, DV888 (pending)sold, All blue VK (NFS), Guy Wright’s Red Pyro (NFS), Raw Peak (make offer), Throw Monkey ($10).

Not pictured:Takeshi modded silk ($40)

Prices are negotiable, i’ll pay half the shipping :]


Are the skylines in good shape? Any dings?

Will you ship to Canada for a few extra dollars? Thinking I might buy a few of these if they are in decent shape…thx

Wow, Great Deals here.

blue skyline is dinged/scratched to shit. but plays better than it did mint!!

brown skyline has a few nicks, plays fantastic.

Would be willing to ship to canada, lemme know what you’re interested in.

throwing out a number- 45 for the raw peak?

$45 is lower than I wanted to go. I was offered $75 & could probably do better.

thanks for your interest :]

What about the 888’s? Any dings or scratches? Could you put some more pictures up, please

Are you trading?

any thing you would trade for a mint kickside i really want that throw monkey

Nah, not trading. sorry folks.

Two questions.

  1. Any discounts for a package deal?

2)Is the '08 Higby 888 for sale?


you need to sell me that dna yo-yo

now way, my favorite yoyo next to the peak, i’ll never sell the DNA!

but there are rosy pink ones like mine in stock at jojonation

what does nfs mean

Not For Sale.


how much for the 08 higby 888?