FS: yyf RAW skyline

hey guys im selling my raw yyf skyline
its near mint
if ur intrested contact me
send me a pm and we can talk out a price
im looking for around 85 but we can negotiate

I can’t see the pictures unless you accept my friend request (Andy Wang)

i accepted ur request.
r u intrested on buying?

Just a heads up, you shouldn’t put the pics on facebook. Use an easier method like using a photo hosting site like photobucket.

it looks like the insides are red…

it is

free bump dude

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You should at least mention that the insides are red BTW.

He can bump for himself… please don’t bump for other people…

when you say raw do you mean satined or it was a special edition raw

Amazing looking Skyline bro. Doesn’t look like it has a bearing?
By the way, are you looking for any trades?