********After Worlds Sale/Trade Thread!********


Red 080808 888- Engravings are a tad dirty. Has very few pinpricks. Nothing big. Very Very smooth. No vibe at all. Has red Dice Stacks. Very rare.


Ronin- Raw, a few scratches that will go away with a satin or polish. Very smooth. Very rare.

Matt Kolbrener

Mint- Has some nicks and scratches, nothing that a polish or a satin couldn’t fix. Very smooth, no vibe at all. Very rare.

Big Brother Yo-yos

1st Gen Wedgie Prototype- Mint, very very smooth, no vibe.

2nd Gen Wedgie Prototype- Mine, very very smooth, no vibe. Currently has orings installed for response. Quite Rare.


Legacy- Pink. Mint but molding on one side is kinda weird. Has black FHZ caps (I can blank them if you want). Small vibe.

Projam- Yellow, no caps, no vibe. Mint. Siliconed by Icthus.

2nd Gen 16gig (or bigger) Ipod Touch (must have no scratches on the screen, scratches on the back however are no big deal)
Titty Twister (TT)
Split Decision
Wooly Marmot
Flying V
Purple 44:Clash GM2
Edge by YYJ
Offer anything really (no yyj unless it’s an Edge)

Pics of 888?

Pics will come when I have access to a camera better than my cell phone. Unless I have to use the phone of course.

Matt Kolbrener? Thats the same guy who sold me the SvZB that I want to sell O_o

Ha, he designed the mint, and Doug from BBYY made him like… 13 of them. I have one.

how much for the 888. pm me