FS NEED TO SELL: YYF, Anti-Yo, Dif-e-Yo, YYJ, Oxygene


All prices are shipped, but open for negotiation.

More pics upon request!! I am also on the Facebook BST.

- Allyoyo.com 888w (includes box, two tiny marks) GONE

  • 08/08/08 888 (Mint with box, thrown twice)
    - Aussie Gold 888w (No damage but played, near mint) GONE
  • 2013 Superstar pink (mint)
  • YYF Skyline Splash/Solid (mint, SO SMOOTH, from YYF office itself)
  • Avant Garde 2 Bombsquad (from factory, dinged from 5a roll on tile)
  • Dif-e-yo GTO (mint)
  • Dif-e-yo Crossbones (mint)
  • Anti-yo Business (some dings)
  • Oxygene 3vo (super smooth, a few dings)
  • YYJ Prototype Synergy (mint & works, 1 of 50, maybe even less because quite a few broke)

PM me for details thank you!



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