YYF Avant Garde 1, 888x and more!

List (in the order of wantyness with asterisks)
CLYW ANYTHING (Really Want This)
OD Rally (Want a lot)
YYF Shutter (Want a little bit)

here’s what i have for TRADE
Blue YYF AG v.1 (ano marks)
Red YYF 888x (2010) (1 ding, a few scuffs and scratches)
Gold KingYoStar Spiderman (2 dings)
Red-Silver Splash (2012) Genesis (a little bit of nicks and dings)
Red DV888 (2012) (near mint)
Blue Counter Attack (2013) (near mint)
PM, Kik, IG Direct Message, Snapchat me for pics and more details if youre interested!
Thanks for browsing through!


U need pictures.