A bunch of stuff for sale.

YYF 44 Clash Severe
Orange/Green YYF 888 John Higby Edition
Fools Gold AC or Puffin

For Sale:

YYF Catalyst $60 Shipped (Or Best Offer)
EYYC Victor Gravitsky Edition. Mint, Come with box.


SPYY Radian Super Lite
Various dings and scrapes

YYF Aussie 888 Highwall
Some cosmetic problems, No dings, Plays fine.
(Comes with hubstacks, Not Pictured)
(What looks to be a scratch is really raised on the surface of the yoyo)

YYF x Yoyoexpert Mystery Box
YYF Avant Garde
YYF Tin Whistler
Spec X Bearing
Long String
Trading Cards
YYF Stickers

Avant Garde Pics from the Box

YYF Avant Garde
EYYC Ann Connolly Edition. Mint, Comes with box.

How much for the Blue/Gold Avant Garde?

It is gone.