FS/T: IZM, MM.N, + more LF: Gnarwal, Peak, 888


So I have a few yoyos I want to trade/sell
Markmont Next - Mint, no box
ILYY Noctu - Awesome shape, near smooth, a few pinpricks, blue and candyblasted
YYJ PhenomIZM - Trans Yellow Mint in box

A few I MIGHT consider trading
Luchador - some dings, small vibe, 2nd run
ILYY P22 - Stripped threads, needs to be sent to a modder
IKYO Agape - Soda blasted, came with a few marks straightfrom Casy.

CLYW Gnarwal Will trade big as long as it’s mint
CLYW Sasquatch - Still will trade big, but rather for a Gnarwal
CLYW Peak - NO Raw, Wintergreen, or FG near mint please
YYF Starlite - Gotta add extra to this…
Original 1Drop Project or Project 2
07 888 or 888x - A few dings is fine, must be smooth! Any color except black!


i hav an 888x but i sanded down the rims and it plays like a dream!


i will pay you 60 dollars for the 888x

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