AvtrOfWoe's B/S/T Pretty much selling my collection.


Also, please remember, these are what I would like for them, but I need money, so feel free to offer me what could be fair

This is not an I am quitting thread, it is an I need money desperately thread lol. SO I am really only looking for money.

Will name my price, but reasonable offers will be listened to.

ANd heeeeeere we go

Worlds edition Skyychaser. $90

No dings or marks. Been thrown maybe 20x.

Takeshi Sticker recessed Pandas X2. $20 each

There are TWO of these available. Play well. Typical Offstring marks, but no gashes.

1970’s 3YO3 modified Butterfly. $30

This is a butterfly that was bearingized and recess siliconed by Landon Balk. good condition.

3YO3 Acryllion. $50

(very hard to photograph by the way)

Basically mint, been thrown maybe 10x. Will include acryllic counterweight with purchase.

Grind Machine 2 $75

Ok, so this is a Grind Machine 2, but it has been reshaped apparently. I dont know lol. Playes really nice though.

MODIFIED TaTa Twister. $85

This is a TaTa twister modified by Icthus. The edges have been sanded down to reduce the weight. Plays really nice. Good condition.

Beater Dark Magic $25

Name says it all. Missing one Pog, but I can include it if wanted

3YO3 Modded FHZ $25

It is siliconed and high walled. Modified by Landon Balk.

Vendetta annodized Joker Cut. $100

This is the Cut yo-yo annodized by Vendetta. Great Condition.

Reshaped Bionic Zero by Perry Prine. $50

This is a silver bionic Zero that was re-shaped by the Modfather himself. Plays really nice. Has the nickname the Mini Diversion

Higby Painted ProYos. $15

Proyos painted by Higby

Samurai Painted FHZ by Higby. $25

Zero that was painted by Higby

General-Yo Hattrick $90 PENDING

No dings or marks. Pretty Much mint minus a few throws.

Pair of Big Bens $25

Pink/green Big Bens with Tez-O Rings in them selling them as a pair.

YoYoJam Jamboo $50

Jamboo in good condition

I will POSSIBLY put up my Duncan Fire Wheels. But I need to get a really good offer for it. and If you don’t know what one is, you probably aren’t ready to spend the kind of money I am looking for on it.

I am selling these for a friend of mine who has no trader feedback. He will accept ONLY money via paypal.

Also, these Yo-Yos are MINT (Like have been thrown less than 10 times)

Blood Lilly. $95

Envy . $75

Pyro. $80

Dave Schulte Internal Turmoil by Dif-e-Yo (thanks Jack). $85

Train Wreck 2. $90

Luchador. $85

I am also selling these for a friend of mine. He is open to trades, but would prefer paypal.

I took a picture of them together, if you want more information or more pictures, please just pm me.

Speeder, no caps good condition, $30

Oxy V, has a few dings, but can just be resatined to remove. $90

G5, can include Z-stacks (pic shown there are none) a ding here or there, still good condition $85

Speed Dial good condition $50

Frantic good condition, a few dings $70

Hectic, ok condition, $55

Anodized TFL Great condition, $90

Mint in Package Xconvicts. $35 each, $60 for both

Title explains it all


WoW!!! What a collection! Why you gettin’ rid of so many good throws?

I might be interested in the Cosmo. Are you looking for any trades?


Haha, these are just the ones I am gettign rid of :stuck_out_tongue: Its mainly cause I want other good throws as well, but I dont have any money for them, so I am just getting rid of ones that I dont play with much. I am really looking for selling (for the previously stated reason), but I am always open to offers. Please keep them through PM though


Big yo sold


Lyn and K-OS sold


Lots of stuff sold at FL states


Noooooo! You got rid of the Synergy! Nooooooooooo!


I pmed you about the DM, please reply ASAP. Thanks.


Updated with A BUNCH of new stuff. Enjoy. More to come later.


Added stuff


Lots of stuff sold at NC states!

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i bought the 3yo3 fhz ,the speeder ,the meteor ,and a mutated skyline at the nc states


Sorry was suppose to be PM

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