FT/S SPYY Skyychaser, Punchline, MAYBE an Anti-Yo Fluchs

I’m looking for some certain throws ATM. Please offer anything you think would be a fair trade although my wants take priority. The worst I can say is no. Shipping inside the U.S.A. is $5 added on to the price. If you are outside of the U.S. PM me for a shipping quote.

Items For trade and sale:
Anti-Yo Fluchs-all black, comes with a KK or the OG bearing, has the OG box, 5-6 marks that do not affect play. asking price - $115

SPYY Skyychaser- Small bearing, Golden, has the OG bearing and box, 2 flat spots that DO NOT go through the anodizing. - $80

SPYY Punchline- Blue with yellow splash, has the OG box and bearing, one uber tiny black mark from when I dropped it. - $105

Items I want:
General Yo/3yo3 Collabricon
3yo3 Savanah
Anti-Yo Eetsit
Anti-Yo Bapezilla
YYF Protostar
Clear FHZs


Do you want to trade the Skyychaser for an X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone?

Martial, you need to stop bringing back old posts. If the seller still wanted the Item sold they would’ve bumped the thread. But if you want to check on it, it never hurts to send them a PM. But please try to refrain from bringing back old posts.
Thank you! :wink: