for trade- SPYY spyder, zeekio bird, Dark magic!


Hey guys, I am looking to get some new throws in to my collection so I am trading a coupple of mine.

First off is a SPYY spyder
In good condition, has a couple of minor dings on one of the rims, nothing that affects play though.

Second I have a Zeekio bird.
Barely used at all, got it for Christmas a year ago and off string wasn’t my thing.
It was only used for a couple of games of off string catch and that’s it.

and finally I have a YYJ DM
Very good condition, only a couple of minor scratches on the rims. Otherwise it plays like new.
Will come with a KK bearing.

Now on to what I want to trade for, I am willing to throw in a little cash if the deal is unfair.

I am pretty much just looking for anything different, things that you don’t see much, or things that are extremely smooth, and undersized.

Top trades are:
Hatrick (or anything general yo)
night moves 5
SPYY supra
Also very interested in trading for anything dif e yo.

As long as it has a good gap.

top trades is for an Internal turmoil or crossbones. maybe a juggernaut. But I like the shiny!

Just offer anything, the worst I can say is no.

I would be very willing to combine more than one yoyo for yours if need be.

I’ll have pics up soon.


Spyder has interest in a trade.

I also have an aqua 888x, pretty dinged up. But still plays perfect.


Video is in the works of being posted up.


The video is up!

Sorry it took so long, it was my first video ever on you tube so I had to figure out how to put it up.  Also sorry for the low quality, it looked a lot better on my camera, you may not be able to se the dings but where I point is where the dings are.


If you guys need any pictures so that you can actually see the dings that’s fine, but a bit of a pain. whatever I need to get rid of these!


spyder pending!!!

Come on guys, offer anything!!!

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