Skyva, YYO Urban, One Drop and G2 Flat Bearings FS/FT


Hello all!

I need to make room on my shelf for new yo-yos so some of my old ones have to go.

YYF Adventure Shutter - ano flaw that it came with, small drop of superglue on it where it got too close to my kendama workbench, thrown maybe three times. Had some issues with slippy binds, but this could be me, not the yo-yo. $12 or best offer. SOLD

C3 Railgun - Mint or Near Mint. Thrown maybe four to six times over carpet, never dropped, just not my kind of yo-yo. $35 TRADED

YYO Urban: Mint or Near Mint. Was my first throw about a year ago, but I don’t play it like I did now that I have stuff I prefer. It’s a solid throw, though. $35

SKYVA: knocked it once off the floor. No marks, appears fine, vibes a bit but then, it has since I got it. Willing to bundle it WITH the Urban for $40. OR trade for Mint or Near Mint Replay Pro or First Base.

Flat Bearings: Thrown once or not at all, best offer.

WANTED: CoreCo Tako, One Drops (Mantis, Benchmarks, Code 2, Gauntlet, Rebirth, Top Deck), CLYWs (Manatee, Kayak, Heavensent Creep), and Duncan Origami

Shipping to Continental US only.

Pictures on request.


HEY CHECK IT OUT! MORE COOL STUFF! (help me buy another AlleyCat because they’re so rad!)

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