Selling much of my collection. PRICES LOWERED. WHOLE LOT DEAL!!


I am preparing to buy a house pretty soon, and am trying to raise some money for the down payment, so I am selling 85% of my collection, Below Are some grainy pictures of my collection, jut to give you an idea. If there are individual questions about yo-yos, I will be happy to answer them.

As this is for raising money, I will not respond to trade requests

Here is the list of yo-yos with the prices I am looking for. I may list some yo-yos as broken. This means that they still work, but are typically plastic yo-yos with cracked hubs/rims

Broken cap Starlite: $5

Mint Purple Raptor: $30

Mint Blue bead blasted Diversion: $75

Mint Madhouse Lucky 7: $80

Mint Werrd Pacquiao : $70

Mark Allen modified Velocity (With aluminum rims $25)

Red Whip $7

Mint Capless Freebird: $70

Mint Werrd Beef: $75

Played Cerrebrus: $20

4 Played Revolutions: $15/each

Green/Blue Code 1: $65

played Go Big: $20

2010 Wavelength Severe: $70

Modded Wheel: $50

Metal Drifter: $10

Starlite: $10

2Pinnacle: $10

MayheM: $60

WYYC New Breed: $20

modded 1970’s butterfly: $45

Pink/Green Big Ben: $20

Mint Hitman: $30

Mint Python: $50

OG Project: $65 (dings around the rims, no deep gashes)

Remnant: $45 (has a few dings and 1 big scratch)

Freehand: $10

Lyn Fury: $5

Capless SFX: $15

If the yo-yo is listed at Mint, that means that it might has well have just come out of the box. If it does not have anthing, it has small dings and scratches. If it is listed as played, it is probably a YoYoJam, and the metal has tarnished.

I am also selling my 72 case for $60 and my Yomega Yo-Bag for $15.

If you see a yo-yo in the picture I did not list, that means that I was looking at keeping it, but feel free to ask about it if you like. I accept paypal, and all prices are shipped anywhere in the U.S… If you are international, we will discuss any further dealings

I hope you find the prices acceptable, and thank you for helping me raise the money!

David Maddox

I AM ALSO OFFERINF A WHOLE LOT DEAL OF $600 for everything left as of right now (4/24/12 $915 total merchandise)

Bump. Some things sold, code1 and yobag pending

Whip $7

Starlite: $10

Mint Hitman: $30

Lyn Fury: $5

Capless SFX: $15

Would you make me a deal on these?


And to the previous poster, yes, I will ,but please keep conversations in personal messages

bump more things sold

Trade mint speed beetle for freehand or whip