Liquidating my collection of 12 yoyos for CHEAP 110$shipped YYF,ILYY,YYJ, Duncan

Hey guys i’m selling the remainder of my collection so i can buy a snowboard for the upcoming season.

Text 3398329791 for more info and pictures

I am selling them as a set for 110$ shipped damn right i said it.

What i have:

3 big yos ( one is missing an o-ring) 12 shipped a piece

2 huyabusas (one is missing a bearing and has a cracked hub cap) 15 shipped for the good one (consider the other one a bonus when you get the whole package)

a yyj looper(forget the name) VGC 10 shipped

VERY MINT 2010 World Yoyo Contest special edition yoyo (forget the name but it was given out when
you signed up. 30 shipped

Pocket Pros Zombie, missing a bearing 12 shipped

YYF Replay from the midnight release at 2010 WYYC 15 shipped

White YYF Northstar. with a center trac. missing a silicone pad. 20 shipped

MINT 2009 UK Nats Mary with a metric KK in it 40 shipped

Extremely good condition (not mint because vibe) stacked Genesis with out the stacks VERY SMALL VIBE 30 shipped

Sorry if my lingo is a little off, haven’t yoyoed in a couple of years.

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