avalanche yoyo sleeper

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How long does a avalanche yoyo sleep?


Quite a long time, although it depends on how you throw, and what bearing is in it.
A couple minutes?



Pretty much any decent yoyo is capable of sleeping a good, long time, more than long enough to get through several tricks and then some. Factors that affect this include, but are not limited to:
How good of a throw.
How strong of a throw.
Your technique, as in how clean are you landing your tricks. If you’re hitting the walls a lot or hitting bad, it can really knock down those spin times. This is where I have my problems with any yoyo. That’s what practice is for.

The bearing does play a factor but it’s not as important as the throw itself.

Most yoyos these days, with a properly cleaned bearing(lube optional, I Terrapin X treat everything), I am easily getting over 3 minutes with anything in a wing configuration, sometimes over 5 minutes. Even stock bearings as-is, I’m getting similar times. The more you practice, the better this will get for you.

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thanks guys


If your bearing is gunked up, you probably won’t get more than 30 seconds though.
No problem. The avalanche is in my top three favorites.


My “comeback” Avalanche just arrived. First throw with the stock center track was well over 3 minutes before I stopped taking shiny pictures of its “GOLD!!!” spinning in the sunlight and it was still spinning and came back in a very tight and snappy bind. My original Avalanche still has its stock bearing which I cleaned and lubed this week and it spins equally as long. Realistically the Avalanche is probably the perfect yoyo. Time and time again I come back to it and it just blows my mind with its perfection and flawless design.

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yeah I just order the gray and purple with blue I cant wait to get it


Dolphin by shinwoo, for thirty bucks, gets a stock 7 minutes.


The more important question is “How long will it sleep while I am doing tricks with it?”

and the most important answer is “Long enough.”

Sleeper times mean next to nothing to me.


There is absolutely no such thing as a “stock” spin time. Strength of throw, straightness of throw, bearing, lube, etc, all factor in and vary with nearly every throw.