Avalanche Test

Snow day, so I made a video. Hands were numb, messed up a ton. Don’t know what I was thinking, this is what happened last time I did a video in the snow. Feedback is appreciated.

You should use a longer string, just saying.

His string looks long enough to me.

I liked that last trick. Iunno how people are able to throw when it’s cold out, it wasn’t even cold enough to snow this past weekend where I’m from, and I couldnt do anything because my hands were so numb.

I like my string where it is now. I don’t like having to order longer string like kitty, which is more expensive, plus I dislike how it feels, when I like the length and feel of YYE 100% poly.

I just figured that last trick out yesterday while fiddling around with Mach 5 style tricks. It’s a lot of fun.

I need to stop doing videos in the snow. Hands numb, too cold to redo stuff, and in the end the shot looks a little too dark, or a little too overexposed. I’m stupid. You’d have thought one video would teach me a lesson, but it didn’t make it through my thick skull.

There are things called fingerless gloves…
You’re very good when you’re not messing with me

Yeah but fingerless gloves don’t leave 100% of the finger exposed. I need all of mah fingers for mah tricks. And when have I messed with you?

I think he said because in MA States we were all afraid to try out his yo’s because his strings were too long :smiley:

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Yeah I remember that. I picked up his Indecision or Bad decision, don’t remember which one, threw it down, and thank goodness there was carpet, because i hit the ground pretty hard. Binded it quickly and handed it right back lol.

Yup. We gotta hang out with the rest of the gang at NER :smiley:

That’s gonna be great. I might actually compete. When is it?

If NER’s a two day event, I won’t compete…

But, I think I will be there on the “possible” second day. I think it is sometime in April.

I love that trick at the end!

Can’t wait to hang out with you guys at NER.
Awesome video, man.
Dogfish Creek is soooo pretty when spinning.

I loved it! It looks great in every way. I like how it starts and the little bird is flying around first, and the scenery is so great. The shots of you yo-yoing are fantastic, super crisp and clear. I love the snow shots…amazing. I know it was cold, but sure was worth it!

Thanks! Someone else likes the scenery other than me!

Truth right here

Why would it be a two-day event? What does that add? Seems unnecessary.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

They were thinking about making NER a two day event because the last one went to 8 p.m.

Sounds awesome.

Bad for me though. I can only get down there one day, which means no competing for me if it’s a two day event. :-\

Oh. Didn’t think about it like that. That might pose a problem.


Me not winning anything.

Hm… Maybe if you get a seed from MA states to NER finals youd only have to go the second day.

But you’ll have to wait for MA states :confused: