AURORA BOREALIS (30H81) - Fianl raw design with pictures!

So… I’m back with new plans, new ideas, maybe a new yoyo.
This is kind of a school porject I’ll hopefully menage to machine.

Enough speaking, here are the specs and the pictures:

Dia: ~55mm
Width: 40,3mm
Gap: 4,3mm
Bearing: C sized (maybe konkave)
Response: Slim K-Pads
Weight: ~65g of an assembled yoyo.

O nice I like the pink

Very cool, are you planning on aluminum?

You need to add a response damper. Otherwise it will snag all the time.

yeah, it’s full aluminium.

I have pictures now, but I was so busy with the machinig I forgot to show them. It vibes now too much, so we had to work on the machining process for less/zero vibe.

pictures for you guys:

thanks for the comments.

Looks good. Will it be available in the US?

I don’t know yet. I hope so.

Any names for it yet?

How much for it???

The “30H81” is the prototype name. On the (small) "production or final products name … well I don’t know. But if somebody says he doesn’t know everybody will come up with names. :slight_smile: My best idea was “Aurora Borealis”.

About the price:
It’ll may change a bit, but I think it’ll be around ~50-70$+shipping with 10 ball konkave bearing.

At 50-70$ these should sell like hotcakes. Aurora Borealis is so pretty, so I’m assuming there will be stunning anodization to go with the name?

A blue base with a skittle splash.

This would drive the price up way too much. My vote goes to unblasted gold ano and blasted silver ano.

I agree with Cole

Yeah a guy can dream. i say a pearl white i don’t think iv ever seen that

Make sure you pay attention to the alignment when you flip over the halves. That’s where most of the vibe comes from.

I will try to be the first to buy this yoyo is sweet!!!

i really like that, and its exactly what I’m looking for in my next yoyo

thank you guys!

wish me luck for tomorrow. I hope it’ll work perfectly now.

How did machining go?