AURORA BOREALIS (30H81) - Fianl raw design with pictures!


vibeless! (With YoYoRaven Falcon bearing. With Central Track it’s a little bit more vibey.)

How much would it cost for me to buy one!!!

The reason you haven’t seen a white ano before is becauese the silver of the raw yoyo shows through. The closest thing we have to white is a soda blast.

and that would be perfectly awesome for me :wink:

about the price: it’s still not production. when i’ll get to production I’ll tell everything.

Ok if you need money i would love to buy a pre production.

send me a private message with a price you would offer for it and I’ll see what can I do for you. :wink:

If they were teflon coated they’d be white and grind well

or a powder coat

That seriously looks really cool. Do you have enough money to do a production run?

The shape is reminiscent of the Fragment.

First of all thank you. On the other hand I’ll be honest. No, I don’t. (It took all of my money, you know machinig is ******* expensive especially here in Hungary. I will cover the cost of machining from my Christmas money.)

Seriously never heard about the Fragment. I had to google it and I don’t really see any similarities other than it’s a yoyo too.

That sucks. Yeah, machining is expensive anywhere you go.

Except China.

No. You have to factor in shipping costs. Also, good, non-crappy quality machining in China is still expensive. It’s only really cheap if you use the bootleg manufacturers, or lower-quality producers.

Well if you could average the price then you could ask for people to donate then you could give them the finished yoyo when its done.

no vibe. ready. just have to find a beadblaster and an anodizer near me.


Looks great! any idea how much these will cost?

Could you take pics unscrewed?

Of course. I’ll update this thread.

It looks great. If I were you I would leave it raw.