Audi Freehand TT...


I did this custom mod for a guy I work with that is getting out of the Navy. He isnt really in to yo-yoes at all but loves his Audi TT. I crammed all kinds of mods into this baby. I started out with a high wall then I made a custom size Gummy for this mod and recessed it so it sits flush then put two schmoove rings in it. I know schmoove rings are usually paired with recessed sili but I wanted to see if I could make Gummies to fit a sili groove, looks like I can, and see if this changed the way the response plays. It actually plays great. After I got the response area the way I wanted I moved to the outside where I cut the yo-yo to fit Buzzon Element X rings which I purposely made stick out from the sides a little to go with the car theme and to keep some of the weight of the plastic. I made custom stickers to go around the hub. Finally I satined the inner wall, slapped a gold bearing in that joker and called it 66g of beast. It plays remarkably smooth on the string and grinds well with the satin. This is probably my best mod yet. I had such a hard time giving it to him but he really loved it and even though he had originally said it would probably just sit on display on his bar he couldnt stop playing with it. I taught him how to bind a long time ago and after 4 throws he finally remembered how to bring it back and had that look everyone gets when they successfully complete a trick they thought they may never do.

Thanks for looking.



Nice! It looks pretty awesome.


That’s the best FH2 I’ve ever seen. Great job!



You haven’t seen any of my Buzhand 2’s then. lol This one is very nice.

(Gorrilla_YO) #5

Love the Weight Rings… :o Good Job