Atomic Bounce

I am practicing Atomic Bounce. I can perform the first two parts of the trick, mount and top swing but i am having some flow problems with the bottom twist and reversal… any tips to make it through this.

Can you post a vid. :wink:


i hope you can see this vid… i can do this trick up to the twist between the arms… its not fast but the speed will come. I am practicing differant techniques and i am close but i wanted to know what other yoyoers tried.

i have landed this trick many times today i just kept trying and the technique just came… i love this trick definately just as fun to perform as it is cool to watch… i wish i could record it to upload it! i will uplaod as soon as i can!!!


minor language warning.

sick and awesome… i am finding there is a very unique combination of throw balance spin and contortion involved with this trick but you my friend do it awesome… this reply would be full of the “f” bomb if there was no kids to read it… kinada like that was F@*!'in sick… i wish i could keep revolutuions like that

yeah his tricks are truly pure flow, i love it.

i have also recently found some new things with turntablism, another amazing trick.

cheers to xela!

Atomic Bounce

hey watch this, it looks like your coming along just fine! You are doing the same thing i did when i first started learning it, and what im sure everyone one does at first. The end is a little tricky but just watch a video on it and keep trying it! you will have it soon!

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i have been practicing this trick and have you ever noticed if the variation between this trick and carioco are linked at all i keep loosing the yoyo on the second revolution through the arms…? help! hahahahaha

Takes notes of which string to land on and the manoeveres( dont mind the speling). Practise and you’ll get it evantually

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