atmosphere or protostar

what do you think is better and post why

100% Protostar, I have both yoyos, and I feel that the Protostar is a higher end yoyo, it plays a lot better, my atmosphere can be slightly responsive and doesn’t spin as long as the Protostar, I mainly use the Protostar for 1A and it works a treat, quite good for 5A, (I don’t play much 5A but it was alright), the atmosphere feels quite cheap in your hand and is quite loud as well, Protostar is quite large and the atmosphere is quite small, but if I were to choose it would be the protostar, it is an all round good yoyo, the choice is up to you though and it is all about personal preference

The Protostar is decent. It does what it is told but it just doesn’t feel nice on the string. It could possibly just be an acquired taste.

The Atmosphere is also decent. It plays like a rock, much the same way the Legacy feels. It is too heavy for my preference these days.