Atmosphere or protostar

i want to no wich one sleeps longer, i have a dm and it is pretty much the same as the proto star but i need to no wich of the two sleep longer, i no that the proto star out of box sleeps for 2:30, but the atmosphere???

How long a yoyo sleeps all depends on your throw. With that said I don’t think you will go wrong owning either of these yoyo’s. I have both and love them the same but for different reasons.

i have a pretty good throw and my dm still does’t spin that long… but if i get a protostar im pretty much getting a different shape and features but the same size yoyo, with the atmosphere im getting a smaller yoyo but i have no idea how much better the spintime is… sorry if im being ignorant

You are. But that’s okay. Spin time is irrelevant, because it is entirely dependent on your throw. It has very little to do with the yoyo. Every ball bearing yoyo out there has the capability to spin longer than you could ever possibly need.

Sleep depends on throw but i would look at the weight

IMO, There is no competition. Protostar all the way man! :wink:

definatly a protostar

Nope, Atmosphere!

Better grinds, heavier, more space for thumb grinds, smaller, and more awesomer.

Go Atmosphere!

your banner says protostar

Yeah, but I think the Atmosphere is better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t have one. I tried one though.


hahahaha!!! good one silver that was smart worded!!! you totally pwned vivo

Uhh… how…

I mean, I like the Protostar too, but I think the Atmosphere is nicer.


but it was kinda weird
and ya i totaly pwned you


You can’t pwn me for no reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

if price is a problem protostar but if u want yoyo that can play atmosphere is your yoyo trust i have one its a good yoyo

which yoyo did you deside

i think that im gonna get the proto star or if i get money for graduation i’ll get something different

good choice!