astrojax for counterweight??????

So at my job they have some astrojax laying for a TV show they are doing and I wanted to know if any one has ever used an astrojax ball for a counterweight and if you did how did it play

Astrojax are realistically unsuitable for 5A. Obviously somebody really good at 5A could make it look easy.

But from what was related to me years ago; the commonly accepted weight ratio of Yoyo to counterweight is approximately 7 to 1.

A Freehand weighs in at approx. 66+ grams. And the stock red die that was packaged with the Freehand weighs 10 grams. < not exactly 7 to 1; but close enough to serve this explanation.

A single Astro Jack weighs about 20 grams(the light up ones); which would knock down that ratio to 3 to 1.

No doubt you can force a heavy a… Counterweight through the air. But it would be a pain.

You could do it as a Novelty; but honestly, there is probably somebody out there that could go to a Bowling alley and throw a Strike with a Baseball.

But I don’t think the learning curve would be worth the effort.

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What tv show? Are they going to film it for the show, or is it laying around for people to play with between shoots?

i honestly don’t know all i do there is clean i clean the office over night i have access to the prop room where my supplies are at and i saw them just there laying with a bunch of other toys i do know they do film a lot of reality and murder shows there